Visit The Waugh Drive Bridge Bat Colony And Experience Something Amazing

Waugh Drive Bridge Bat Colony

Love learning more about animals and nature? Then you need to check out the Waugh Drive Bridge Bat Colony. Where else are you going to find bats hanging out in their natural habitat? You may or may not know that bats are essential to their environment, so learning more about them will help you get a better idea of what they do for their habitat. Now, check out some helpful tips that will lead you to a better bat-viewing experience.

When to Go

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to know exactly when the bats will emerge. Only they know their timing. However, the best time to go is right before the sun sets. They might come out right as darkness sets, or it may take them a while to wait until the weather is cooler. You just have to be patient, and if you don’t see many bats one night, go back another time. Generally, around late summer and early fall seems to be the time when the most bats appear.

Go to a Bat Chat

You can go see the bats’ emergence whenever, but you may want to visit when there is a Bat Chat going on. These talks are led by volunteers from the Houston Area Bat Team as well as other local organizations, and these people really know what they’re talking about. That way, you don’t have to do all the research on your own. Plus, if you have any questions, you’ll be able to get them answered the easy way.

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Don’t Stand Under the Bridge

At some point, you will start to hear the bats “chatter” amongst themselves. This helps them get ready for flight. It’s an incredible thing to hear, but you don’t want to stand under the bridge during this time. Why? Well, the bats tend to produce waste right before they leave the bridge, so you definitely don’t want to be underneath them when that happens. Anyway, it can be more enjoyable to see the bats from a bit of a distance so you can see how they work together.

Viewing the bats at the Waugh Bridge Bat Cave is an unforgettable experience, and it’s a pleasure to see the beautiful sights that nature has to offer. There are countless other amazing activities like this you can enjoy in the area if you have a way to get there. Need a new ride? Come on out to Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, Texas, today.