Warm Up With Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

It sure is cold outside, isn’t it? Some days, it feels like winter isn’t going to end. As much as you don’t like the cold, it does have one big benefit. It means you can enjoy a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. Visit one of these Houston spots to get your hot chocolate fix.

The Chocolate Bar

Some places specialize in pizza, while others specialize in burgers. Well, the Chocolate Bar has a specialty of its own, and it’s much sweeter than most. It’s chocolate, and it has the best hot chocolate in Houston.

The European hot chocolate is rich and thick, and you will be hooked after the first sip. You also might want to try one of the chocolate espresso drinks, such as the Texas Turtle. How can you possibly go wrong with hot chocolate, buttery caramel, steamed milk, whipped cream, and espresso? It’s yummy, and it’ll give you a jolt to help you make it through the day.


Agora is mainly known for its gourmet coffees, but the baristas can also whip up a fine hot chocolate. Bring some friends along and grab a seat. There is ample seating, and the chill vibe is perfect for hanging out with your buddies. Oh, and grab some cookies to go with your hot chocolate and conversation. It’s hard to find a better cookie in Houston.

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Inversion Coffee House

It might be cold outside, but a trip to Inversion Coffee House is sure to warm you up. The windows let in lots of natural light, so it has a warm and inviting vibe. Plus, the colorful windows will enhance your mood. That mood will get even better when you try the hot chocolate. It’s rich and flavorful and will warm you up from head to toe.

You love the idea of going out for hot chocolate, but you aren’t really looking forward to the drive. Change that by getting a new Toyota. Driving a new Toyota is so much fun, so you’ll always be ready for a trip to get hot chocolate. Visit Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, Texas, grab some new wheels, and head out for some hot chocolate.