See ‘Waitress’ At The Hobby Center


Did you love the movie “Waitress?” If so, you’re sure to enjoy the musical. With music written by Sara Bareilles, this musical is catchy, fun, and heartwarming. “Waitress” is coming to the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. The show will here on Jan. 29 to Feb. 3, and tickets start at $35. Grab your tickets so you can see this amazing musical.

About the Show

You probably know the basic plot of “Waitress.” The indie movie was about a small-town waitress who has an abusive husband and a knack for baking pies. She accidentally gets pregnant and intends to leave town, but then, something stands in her way.

Critics loved the movie, but it translates even better as a musical. Bareilles’ score adds another dimension to it, and the three-party harmonies on many of the songs will leave you tapping your toes.

Each of the main characters also has a solo, and this is their time to shine. The solo performances help you learn more about the characters and provide depth to the supporting cast. This allows you to feel something for each person on the stage.

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A Tale of Female Empowerment

“Waitress” might be about abuse and accidental pregnancies on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see it’s really a tale of female empowerment. The main character suffers a great deal, but she is not stuck. She works hard to find a way out, and as she struggles to rebuild her life, she gets stronger and stronger. You will realize just how resilient people can be when you watch this musical.

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