Visit the 2017 Texas Home and Garden Show!

Garden Show

The Texas Home and Garden Show is one of the largest events in Texas you should not miss. Everybody should look forward to the plenty lessons on landscaping and home garden maintenance. Therefore, it’s important that you tag the entire family along so you can seek gardening advice from the experts and more.

The venue, ticket, date, and time.

International exhibitors will host the Texas Home and Garden Show in 2017. The event will be held from the 24th to the 25th of June at the NRG in Houston which is in the United States. The show will start at 10 am all the way to 7 pm on Saturday. On Sunday, it will begin at 11 is until 5 pm. You can purchase your tickets at a cost of $10.00, for the adults. For children under 14 years, the entry fee is free. In addition, there is a waiver for those aged 65 years and above of $2. Moreover, there is a discount for the military, which will be available at the on-site box office. Lastly, the exhibitors interested can express their interest by emailing or visiting the exhibitor’s page on the show’s webpage.


The aim of the show will be showcasing various products ranging from home and decorative accessories, home decor, roofing and flooring, textiles to vacation. In addition, it will provide a platform for the consumers and the professionals to meet and share ideas.

What to expect

We all love good moments in our lives, and the show will provide you with that. There will be entertainment, hence, everybody will enjoy to their full. Foods and drinks will be in plenty so just ensure you have a deep wallet. In addition, expect lessons on landscaping, remodeling, flooring and roofing, home exteriors and interiors among others. In other words, expect everything you need for your garden and home.

Also, expect your questions to be answered by the professionals who will be in various exhibition booths. The show will grant you the opportunity to know companies before purchasing products from them and the latest products in the market.

In conclusion, if you attend the show in Houston, be assured of an engaging and enlightening experience. This is because the hosting company is known for its expertise and knowledge of the market trends. At the end of the day, it’s a win for the consumers and the exhibitors. Also, make sure you check out Toyota in Houston!