A Dual Diesel Toyota Tundra? Yes, It is Toyota’s Latest Concept

Sometimes you run across things that, even if they’re only a dream, are too cool not to share.  A don’t-even-say-the-word-”concept” truck from Toyota is case and point.

Toyota Tundra Diesel

Toyota commissioned Warren Victor to do something huge, which was to mock up the largest and coolest Toyota truck ever. The result is a phenomenal, extra awesome crew-max heavy duty diesel that looks like it could take down a neighborhood with ease. Warning though: don’t get too excited. Toyota went out of its way to make sure that everyone knows that this isn’t even true concept car, but more of a mad-scientist experiment that may never see the real light of day.


TruckTrend.com says, “Grafting a rear frame section of a Tundra regular cab with a 6-foot bed, (it) has a wheelbase of almost 160 inches–similar in length to Ford and Dodge short-bed dualies. Wheel-well to wheel-well, the dualie’s over eight feet wide and more than seven feet tall. Contributing to this lofty stature are six Michelin Energy 295/60R22.5 commercial-duty tires wrapped around a set of custom eight-lug brushed-aluminum Alcoa wheels.”


A truck of that size is going to need something special to power it, so Warren opted to go with a Hino Trucks USA high-pressure common rail turbo-diesel 8.0 (yes, eight) liter inline-six  engine that’s tuned to get 305 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque.


If you’re looking at a truck this size, you’re going to need it to put up with some serious work, which is why the specially designed bed is covered in satin diamond plate with a Reese 24,000 lb rated fifth wheel trailer hitch.


But it’s not just the working parts that are on a whole new playing field, the cabin is totally unlike anything you’ve seen in a truck before. A warm ginger colored leather covers almost every surface, with incredible stitch detail visible. Three video monitors with their own separate controls are situated throughout, capable of playing CD’s, the radio, DVDs or video games.


There’s no telling if we’ll see something like this at Mike Calvert Toyota  anytime soon, but we sure can dream. In the mean time, come test drive the truck that’s going to get you as close to your fantasy vehicle as possible: the 2014 Tundra.