Toyota Car Commercials That We All Love

Toyota Car Commercials

Toyota what a feeling, we all remember that commercial from when we were kids. These days, there is a new generation of commercials for us and our kids to enjoy that still give us that feeling that we had as kids watching a Toyota commercial for the first time. Some of these may not even come from here in the Houston Texas, a few examples of this include the following.

Best Toyota Commercial Ever

In this commercial we see this very attractive woman walking down the street, men are looking at her and taking their eyes off what they are doing, the scene cuts to a man driving a Toyota and it catches the woman’s eye and she walks right into a pole as she was focused on the car that was being driven.

2017 Toyota Corolla: You Don’t Own Me

This is a recent commercial that features the popular song You Don’t Own Me. It shows people living their everyday life and playing around with friends and having a good time. The image that is implied is that with the Toyota Corolla, and the advanced safety features, you can do more and not have to worry as much. It is one of the better shot commercials and shows how that Corolla can be a great fit for all kinds of different people!

Toyota Yaris: Language Barrier

This is a classic commercial for the Toyota Yaris as a boy and girl are sitting in his room and the girl notes that he is not like the others who just stare at her Yaris. The boy’s father overhears this and tells the girl her house is on fire to get her to leave. The implied thought is that he thought Yaris was a foreign word for something naughty.

2016 Toyota Rav-4: Hybrid Learning

This commercial features comedian Keegan-Michael Key as a professor at a college talking about the advantages of hybrids. The talk then shifts to the Rav-4 and all of the advantages that comes from driving one.

Toyota Corolla: It’s a Trap!

The commercial starts with a beautiful woman on the side of the road looking at her car that is broken down. Two guys in a Toyota approach and slow down the driver then speeds off as his friend’s questions why. He says it is a trap. We see the woman who pulls off a mask to reveal it is, in fact, a man.

These are just a few of the hilarious commercials we have seen over the years that feature Toyota’s. Luckily, Toyota makes such great cars, that they don’t have to spend every commercial going over the details of the car, they can simply entertain us!

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