Sample The Hottest Hot Sauces At The Texas Hot Sauce Festival

Texas Hot Sauce Festival

Some people like their food to taste a bit bland. But are you the type of person who always wants to spice things up a bit? If so, you’re going to love coming out to taste the hottest hot sauces around at the Texas Hot Sauce Festival 2019. This festival is a celebration of everything spicy and a chance for you to find delicious treats that will fulfill your craving for spice in a wide variety of ways. This year, the Texas Hot Sauce Festival will be going on from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, and from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 22. It will all be held at 9401 Knight Road in Houston, Texas. Need more information about how you can take part in this exciting festival? Get more information below.

Buy Your Tickets Today

This event is already white-hot, and it’s no wonder why. Few festivals let you celebrate your love for spicy food. But because there are already so many people who are planning on attending, you need to buy your tickets for the event as soon as possible. You can easily get them online, so check out the prices today. If you buy in advance, you can get an adult ticket for one day for $10 and two days for $18. But if you want to bring home some special souvenirs with you, think about buying the Deluxe Souvenir Pass, which costs just $35.

It’s Not Just All About the Sauce

When you think about hot sauce, you probably think of a specific kind of product, and you’re sure to find it at this event. But there are so many more condiments you can choose from than just your traditional sauce. From jams and jellies to pickled products and soup mixes, you can really find it all here. Luckily, there are going to be tons of vendors selling their goods, so you can go home with as many spicy products as you want.

Buy Something to Put Your Sauce On

Sure, spiciness is amazing, but you need to find a good carrier for your sauce. Don’t worry – with all the food vendors at this event, you’re definitely not going to go hungry.

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Children’s Area

Don’t forget to bring the kids along to this festival! There will be a place for them to play around, including several free and pay-as-you-go games. They won’t want to go home!