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Music Meets Virtual Reality With The Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony
Often, we experience music and visual art in completely separate places. You go to an open gallery when you want to see some paintings, and then you go to a concert or the symphony when you want to listen to music. But what if you could experience these two art... [read more]

Come See the Houston Symphony Perform The Pines of Rome

Houston Symphony
Don’t miss out on the chance to see the Houston Symphony perform the Pines of Rome. This group makes incredible music that you don’t want to miss out on the chance of hearing. Houston is having them come to perform in April. Make sure that you make plans to be... [read more]

Amazing Upcoming Concerts in Houston

Houston Concerts
Get ready to enjoy some amazing concerts in Houston. You don’t have to drive far to enjoy these events since Houston attracts all types of musicians, from pop to rock to country. If you plan correctly, you can even attend all of these fall concerts. Kanye West Listen to Kanye West perform... [read more]