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Children’s Museum Of Houston

Children's Museum Of Houston
At the Children’s Museum of Houston, you can treat your family to a day of fun and games while they learn amazing facts about the world around us. Each exhibit stimulates the imagination and gives them a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Something for Everyone. With over a dozen unique exhibits,... [read more]

Explore Your Super Powers At The Children’s Museum Of Houston

Superheroes. We all love them. Some of us even want to be them. From fighting crime to solving mysteries, superheroes are more than just “good guys.” The ideals of superheroes, as they’ve always been, are of justice, equality, acceptance, and compassion. Superheroes believe in a better world where we love... [read more]

Take a Day to Explore the Museum District

Father And Son Look At Artifacts In Case On Trip To Museum
Do you love museums and wish you could see a ton of them in one place? It turns out you can if you’re lucky enough to live in Houston. Visit the Houston Museum District, where you can see 19 museums inside of four walkable zones. Drive to the zone of... [read more]

Family-Approved Experiences in Houston, Texas

Houston families that are looking to spend some time out and about in Texas need to know which family experiences are going to leave you with the most memories and where they should head off to have a good time. Children's Museum of Houston Explore the Children's Museum of Houston with your family... [read more]

Best Places for a Family Day in Houston

Hanging out with the family at home for a game night or movie is always fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and do something different. Make lasting memories with your family as you visit these kid-friendly locations that offer affordable fun for everyone! Houston Zoo The Houston Zoo is known... [read more]