Strike Against Breast Cancer

Striking Against Breast Cancer

Put on your bowling shoes and get ready to join the fight against breast cancer. It’s almost time for the 20th Annual Storm PBA/PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Tournament, also known as the Luci Bonneau Memorial Bowling Tournament. The tournament will be at Copperfield Bowl from July 25–28. There are two ways to enter. If you have an average of 180 or above, you can join the standard tournament. It takes place during all four days, and the entry fee is $600 a team.

Are you more of an amateur? You can join the mixed doubles pro-am tournament. It will be on July 26 and 27, and there are three categories available. Adults can enter for $60 each, seniors can enter for $40 each, and kids can participate for $35 each.

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About ‘The Luci’

Bowlers from all over the country participate in this tournament that they affectionally refer to as “The Luci.” This tournament was born out of a friendship between two women. Donna Conners and Luci Bonneau met each other through bowling events and became fast friends. They traveled to events together throughout the years. Bonneau was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the two women came up with an idea. They would raise funds for cancer research by creating a bowling tournament. Sadly, Bonneau passed away, but Conners kept the dream alive by creating The Luci.

Now, this is one of the most popular bowling fundraisers around. People start signing up the day the tournament is announced, and it doesn’t take long for every spot to be filled. All of those signups allow Conners to raise money in the memory of her dear friend. In 2017 alone, the tournament raised $87,000 even after giving the winner $16,000.

The tournament has become more popular every year, and that’s allowed Conners to expand it. The most recent expansion was the Beauties vs. Beasts match. It started last year and will continue this year. This fun event brings back the top men and women bowlers from the previous year. They play a five-game match to determine who the best is.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere at this tournament is spectacular. The bowlers are highly competitive, but they realize they are competing for something that is larger than themselves. They truly want to help raise money for charity. They know that the money raised will go to The Rose. The Rose provides support to women who cannot afford mammograms or cancer treatment. The bowlers are behind this cause and happy to help.

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Get Ready to Bowl

Bowling with your friends is always fun, but you cannot beat playing a round at this tournament. Even if you aren’t a pro bowler, consider participating. You can play in the pro-am and might even walk away with a prize.