Start Scuba Diving Near Houston, Texas

Scuba Diving

Texas has a lot of beautiful views when you’re standing on the ground, but it looks even better below the water. If you have never gone scuba diving before, get started at one of these local spots. You will quickly fall in love with this activity. You will see interesting ecosystems and more when you dive deep below the water’s surface.

The Blue Lagoon

Huntsville’s Blue Lagoon is the ideal spot for people who are new to diving. The water is relatively shallow, so you won’t have to worry about diving past your experience level here. Also, the visibility is great in the lagoon. If you want to work on your skills, start here. Then, after you build up some confidence, you will be ready to try some other spots.

Balmorhea State Park

Located in Toyahvale, Balmorhea State Park is a scuba diver’s paradise. You can get in the water for a mere $5, and once there, you will be treated to a vast ecosystem of fish, turtles, and invertebrates. In fact, you will see more here than you will in a lot of other locations.

Speaking of location, this dive spot has a great one. It’s situated in the foothills of the Davis Mountains, so consider extending your trip to the entire weekend.

Lake Travis

Lake Travis attracts divers of all experience levels. It has a bunch of dive locations. Move through the locations to see grottoes, walls, sunken pecan trees, and other cool sites. There is also a lot of wreckage in the lake. You will come across sailboats, houseboats, and other types of boats. Be sure to explore some of the wreckage as you move through the lake.

Spring Lake

Located in San Marcos, Spring Lake is one of the most interesting spots to dive in the entire state of Texas, but you do need special training to enjoy the experience. The lake has environmentally sensitive ecosystems, so you need to be trained to dive without disturbing them. If you are properly trained, you can enjoy viewing countless gorgeous ecosystems. Viewing isn’t a problem since the visibility is up to 90 feet in the lake. You will also enjoy the lake’s temperatures. The temperatures remain steady throughout the year, so stop by anytime. You will be treated to sights you won’t see at other diving spots.

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