Spend a Day at the Space Center Houston

Do you know what Houston attraction draws the most international visitors? No, it’s not Minute Maid Park or the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It’s Space Center Houston. This Smithsonian affiliate museum draws visitors far and wide, and it’s no wonder why. It truly has something neat for all ages. If you’re planning your first visit, make sure you catch the best exhibits and attractions at the center.

Independence Plaza at Space Center Houston

If you only have a little bit of time during your visit, make sure you go straight to Independence Plaza. Presented by Boeing, this has the best exhibit in the entire museum. It’s a shuttle replica, and it isn’t just out there on its own. It’s actually mounted on a replica shuttle carrier aircraft. Here’s the real kicker, though. You can enter both the spaceship and the carrier aircraft. Because the exhibit is a replica, it will give you a good idea of what life is like for astronauts. If you’ve always wanted to go to space but never got the chance, this is your time to shine. Step inside and imagine yourself soaring toward the moon.

This is just one of the exhibits in the complex. You will also view various NASA breakthroughs and get a better idea of what the future might bring. This will satisfy your thirst for knowledge about space travel.

Frozen Yogurt, Robot Style

Here’s another cool thing about Space Center Houston. It has frozen yogurt. Oh, that doesn’t sound all that exciting? What if a robot makes it for you? It’s true. A robot is actually on hand doling out the frozen yogurt. It makes the frozen treat taste all that much sweeter. It doesn’t matter if you bring kids or not. Even adults get a real kick out of this. After all, most people can’t say they have ever received yogurt from a robot.

Go Behind the Glass

A simple stroll through this museum isn’t enough. Go behind the glass by taking a tour. It does cost a little bit of money, but you will learn more than you could possibly learn on your own. You will get to see things that regular visitors don’t see, and you can ask all the questions you want. If you love space travel, this is a must-do.

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