Family Fun Day at the Houston Zoo

Family Fun Day at the Houston Zoo
Choose the Houston Zoo for your next family outing! With a family friendly atmosphere, excellent staff, and a beautiful facility, your day is guaranteed to be a success! For more details, read below! Exhibits If one thing is for certain, when you visit the Houston Zoo, you will not be bored. Choose... [read more]

Most Patriotic Songs Ever You Need to Hear Before Independence Day!

american flag in the sky during Patriotic Songs
We have made it through Memorial Day and Houston residents are quickly making their way up to Independence Day, arguably the most patriotic day of the year in America. While getting all of your plans for your 4th of July Holiday set, you can’t forget to put together the ultimate... [read more]

Celebrate Independence Day in A Traditional Way

Celebration of freedom
The residents of Texas are gearing up for one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Red, white, and blue decorations can be seen on the houses and businesses throughout Houston. Meanwhile, the final adjustments are being made to the parades and festivities. To guarantee your 4th goes off with... [read more]

Visit the 2017 Texas Home and Garden Show!

stone walkway in flower Garden Show
The Texas Home and Garden Show is one of the largest events in Texas you should not miss. Everybody should look forward to the plenty lessons on landscaping and home garden maintenance. Therefore, it’s important that you tag the entire family along so you can seek gardening advice from the... [read more]

Don’t Miss The Heart by Heart Event Coming This Month

Heart by Heart
Houston, Texas is home to a booming music scene and has so much to offer, there isn’t really a reason not to visit. If you are lucky enough to live in you know how good the music is, and where to go. The Miller Outdoor Theater offers a wide variety... [read more]