The Roomy, Luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser

2014 toyota land cruiser grey interior mike calvert
Despite the ever evolving array of luxury SUVs available today, one name always tends to stand above the rest as the complete package: the Toyota Land Cruiser. With a long history of success and the proven dependability of Toyota... [read more]

2014 Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity and Other Performance Specs

2014 Toyota Tundra Mike Calvery
If you’re considering a new Tundra, you’ve probably been looking into all of the reasons our drivers love it. Stylish design? Of course. Top of the line innovative features? Absolutely. But the most outstanding part of a new Tundra is what it can do for you.... [read more]

The Many Smart Features of the All New Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla Interior
      The best-selling nameplate in the world, the Toyota Corolla has been completely redesigned for 2014, bringing a fresh, sporty feel and some incredible features to what has always been considered a base sedan. A completely fresh start for the line, this eleventh generation... [read more]

The Toyota Corolla Is The Best Selling Car of All Time

From our family to yours, Mike Calvert Toyota wants to say “Thank you” for helping to make the Toyota Corolla the best-selling nameplate in history. That’s right, in addition to the many, many awards it has won over the years, the Corolla officially tops the list... [read more]

Important Toyota Camry Safety Features

2013 Toyota Camry Packed With Safety Features Toyota knows that your safety is the most important consderation when designing new cars. With that in mind, the 2013 Camry has many safety features to help you to prevent accidents or to help you in the event of an accident. Accident Prevention Camry Features [caption... [read more]