2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Review

tundra trd pro mike calvert toyota houston
The 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is a new truck first introduced in this model year. Despite that, it is based off of the familiar Toyota Tundra as well as the TRD Off-Road Package. This TRD Off-Road Package has been an option to add to various Toyota trucks, starting in 1998... [read more]

Should I Buy a New or Used Toyota Highlander?

2014_toyota_highlander_Mike Calvert
Whether you are looking to buy a new or used Toyota Highlander, you will be investing in a quality vehicle that is incredibly popular and made to last. Every year, this midsized SUV, as well as every other Toyota vehicle, gets redesigned, and that leads to the question of whether the... [read more]

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: An Affordable Off-Road Truck

2015 toyota tacoma trd houston
The 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is a variation of the Toyota Tacoma, which has been a popular compact pickup truck for years. The TRD Pro actually includes a range of trucks from Toyota that are being introduced for the 2015 model year, including the Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner, so... [read more]

2015 Toyota Prius V Review for Houston

2015 Toyota Prius-V
The 2015 Toyota Prius V is one of the most recent offerings from the car that first brought hybrid engines to the mainstream public in the United States. The V in this model stands for versatility, as it is a vehicle that manages to offer comfort and fuel efficiency. The Prius... [read more]

Why Buy a Used Car from a Toyota Dealership

If you are looking to buy a used car, you will have plenty of options to choose from. The main decision will be whether you should get your car from a dealership or an individual. It can be tempting to go with an individual in hopes of saving a bit of... [read more]