See Lukas Graham At The House Of Blues Houston

Lukas Graham

When Lukas Graham announced a 12-date tour near the end of last year, you couldn’t help but hope the Danish soul-pop band would stop in Houston. As luck would have it, Houston made the cut. Lukas Graham will be at the House of Blues on March 7 at 7 p.m. General admission tickets are $30.10, and the cheapest balcony ticket is $45. These tickets could sell out quickly so pick yours up today.

Also, get the details on the band’s latest album. Then, you’ll know what to expect at the concert.

About “3 (The Purple Album)”

Lukas Graham fans have become accustomed to upbeat tempos, but the band went in a new direction with its latest venture, “3 (The Purple Album).” While some bands would ride the wave of a Grammy nomination by doing the same thing, Lukas Graham continues to grow, and the latest album is the most interesting yet.

Lukas Graham has replaced the thumping pop sound with the piano-driven ballads that take up much of the album. The music isn’t the only thing that’s changed. The lyrics have as well, with the band exploring where they are in life now. They aren’t just kids anymore, and now, they are dealing with real-life issues. They explore those issues in the various songs.

“Everything That Isn’t Me” just might be the best song on the album. The backing orchestra will give you the feels as lead singer Lukas Forchhammer sings a heartbreaking apology. You’ll find yourself swinging your cell phone in the air to illuminate the crowd when the band tackles this song.

That’s just one of the many powerful songs on the album. Be sure to give it a listen before you head to the concert.

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What Hasn’t Changed

Lukas Graham might have undergone a huge change with the last album, but the band hasn’t completely let go of its old style. Forchhammer still uses a rap-like cadence to push through the songs, so even the slowest of ballads will get you up on your feet. If anything, that rap-like cadence is even more powerful on these tracks.

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