Sing Your Heart Out at These Local Karaoke Favorites

Microphone close up
Karaoke is a fun way to spend time with friends, and family, it doesn’t matter if you are a good vocalist, all that matters is having some fun. Houston, Texas has a large selection of local Karaoke lounges. In fact, we wanted to highlight four of our local karaoke favorites where you can sing your heart out.

Glitter Karaoke

The first on our list is Glitter Karaoke, located in Midtown on Milam St. For a karaoke lounge Glitter is dazzling and colorful, with delicious food and great drink prices. This karaoke lounge is a great place to meet up with friends to have a blast singing. There is no shortage of songs to choose from as they have over 140,000 in their collection. Plus, they also have private rooms for groups up to ten.

Spotlight Karaoke Store

The second on our list is Spotlight Karaoke, which has two locations on Milam St, and Westheimer Rd. The Spotlight is known for their extensive list of classic and modern songs, and the fact that their song choosing system is incredible and easy to use. Spotlight also offers private rooms where you can spend time dancing and singing along with your friends uninterrupted by the crowds.

Kiss Karaoke Lounge

Our third choice is Kiss Karaoke Lounge, the first local karaoke club to make their song list available via the cloud. Using your smart device you can create your own playlist before you go to the lounge, which means no wasted time searching for songs. The lounge offers yummy snacks, well-priced drinks, friendly staff, and invite everyone to stop in and Kiss the mic.

Stage Lounge & Live Music

Our fourth and final choice is the Stage Lounge on Bellaire Blvd. This lounge does karaoke with an Asian twist. Six days a week the Stage has happy hour drink specials, along with daily food and drink specials. The Stage lounge has a comfortable speakeasy type of atmosphere, with an outdoor patio, live entertainment, holiday parties, and karaoke.


There is no doubt that a night out singing Karaoke is sure to be a blast. Luckily, Houston-area residents have so many great places to choose from when planning their Karaoke outing!