Dine At The Kitchen At The Dunlavy

The Kitchen at The Dunlavy

If you drive by The Dunlavy on a weekend morning, you can expect to see a long line stretched outside the door. People come to The Kitchen at The Dunlavy for two reasons. First, they come for the atmosphere. The restaurant is located in a gorgeous space with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the bayou. Then the inside is beautifully decorated with crystal chandeliers.

The second reason people come is for the food, and it is also quite impressive. Right now, The Kitchen at The Dunlavy is only open for breakfast and lunch, but that will change in January 2020. For now, though, you can come in for your morning or lunch meal. Get some details so that you will know what to expect.

It’s Fancy But Casual

When you walk into a space like The Dunlavy, you likely worry about what to wear. It’s so gorgeous, so you need to dress up, right? Actually, breakfast and lunch are both casual. It’s much more approachable than what you would expect, but it still has top-notch service. The staff will take care of your needs during the meal, even if you aren’t wearing a suit and tie.

The Food Is Made From Scratch

If you order something at The Kitchen at The Dunlavy, you can rest assured that it is made fresh right there in the restaurant. The staff bakes the bread every morning and even squeezes the juice.

It’s not just fresh. It’s also delicious. Take The Dunlavy Picnic Lunch, for instance. The cheese, bread, Genoa salami, and delicious spreads make a delightful lunch. You can also pick up more standard items, such as bacon, toast, waffles, and salads, plus the sandwiches.

Expect Small Portions

The portions at this restaurant are small, so you won’t leave feeling overstuffed. However, the small portions are actually a good thing. This gives you the chance to mindfully eat your food. You will get to explore the different flavors when you dine here. It’s a fun way to experience new dishes.

Order at the Counter

Many people are surprised when they enter The Kitchen at The Dunlavy. It’s a counter-service restaurant. You will go up to the counter, where you will see a large menu. You will then place your order and grab your seat. Someone will bring your food out to you. Then the staff will come back to check on you throughout the meal.

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Get Ready for an Amazing Meal

There are tons of great restaurants in Houston, and The Kitchen at The Dunlavy is definitely one of them. From the atmosphere to the food, this restaurant is amazing. Stop by for breakfast or lunch, and get ready for 2020, when you go for dinner.