Check Out the City of Houston from a Segway Perspective

Segway Tours in Houston

You’ve lived in Houston for years. You know everything about the city, right?

Actually, you can learn a whole lot more about the city by seeing it from a new perspective. Segway tours provide a new and exciting way to look at the city. Who knows what you’ll discover when you hop on a Segway and tour the city.

Let’s look at the best option for Segway tours then go over some Segway riding tips so you’ll be ready to hop on your Segway and take off on your adventure.

Segway Tours of Houston – The Premium Segway Tour

Segway Tours of Houston is a great option if you want to tour the city on a Segway. The company’s tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable, so you are certain to learn quite a bit about the city you love. The guides are also really patient, so if your Segway skills need a little work, you won’t feel uncomfortable. This is a great tour for kids, and they can even bring their phones along and play Pokémon Go along the way.

Now let’s look at some tips so you can hop on and take off on your Segway.

Segway Tips

If you’re new to riding a Segway, you might feel nervous about going on a tour. It’s actually quite a bit easier than you might think though, so don’t stress out.

Subtle movements are important when riding a Segway. If you want to turn right, lean to the right slightly. If you lean too hard, your turn will be rough. When you want to go forward, you’ll lean to the front just a bit. You’ll also want to shift your weight to propel the scooter forward.

You will need to stop from time to time on your Segway. When that’s the case, you will want to lean back just a bit. Remember, it’s all about subtlety with your movements. Don’t jerk backward or you could end up on the ground.

You won’t always want to move. You will also want to stay in place from time to time so you can enjoy a view. You need to stand upright and maintain your balance to do this.

Precise foot placement is also important. You need to maintain the best position for your balance, and your guide will help. Don’t be surprised if you have to move your feet up a bit. Once you get in the right position, you will feel safe, secure, and ready to ride.

Segways are a ton of fun, but they aren’t practical on the interstate. When you need to do some serious driving, you need a vehicle from Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, Texas. Visit the dealership and find the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams.