Cheer On The Houston Rockets At Home Against The Miami Heat

Houston Rockets

Your hometown Houston Rockets have a good shot of making the playoffs this year, but first, they have to handle some business at home. That includes a matchup against the Miami Heat at the Toyota Center on Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. Tickets start at $16 each and you can pick one up today.

Get the details about the team, grab your Rockets gear, and head to the Toyota Center in time for tip-off.

A More Well-Rounded Team than Expected

When Chris Paul injured his hamstring, the entire city of Houston let out a groan. That spelled bad news for the Rockets, right?

Actually, it wasn’t nearly as bad as people expected, and that’s thanks to the team’s surprising amount of depth. Danuel House has stepped up, and Austin Rivers has proven he deserves more time on the court.

Eric Gordon has also made quite a splash. Take the matchup against the Lakers last month, for instance. The Rockets were behind, and the clock was ticking down. It looked like the Lakers were going to win the game.

Gordon wasn’t having it. He ended up scoring 30 points overall, and 16 of those were clutch. They were made in the last two minutes of regulation and in overtime, securing the win. He was the hero for the night, and it’s exciting to see if that hero status carries into other games.

And then there’s James Harden.

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James Harden Is on a Tear

Will James Harden win the MVP award this year? That remains to be seen, but he’s certainly building his MVP resume.

He’s already set a Rockets record with 36 points in the first half this year, and you can pretty much count on him to get at least 30 points a game. Oh, and that game when Gordon was named the hero? Harden netted 48 points that night.

This type of performance has helped the Rockets perform even better than they did before Paul went down with his hamstring injury. Now just imagine what will happen when Paul comes back. The Rockets will be even better, all but ensuring their spot in the playoffs.

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