Make Plans To Visit The Houston Museum Of Natural Science

Houston Museum

Houston has its fair share of museums, but the Houston Museum of Natural Science is a standout. This museum has a dinosaur skeleton, planetarium, space station models, and so much more, making it well worth the price of admission. Admission is $25 for adults, $15 for kids, and $15 for seniors. Members get in for free.

The museum has permanent and special exhibits. Check out some of the special exhibits that are available now. Access to special exhibits is included with the price of admission.

Trains Over Texas

For a limited time, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is displaying the Trains Over Texas exhibit. This huge exhibit is as big as a tennis court, and it features all the best landmarks in Texas. The train travels by Enchanted Rock, Big Bend National Park, and more, and it even makes a stop in Houston and other cities. Look for the “Be Someone” sign in the exhibit. That sign is a Houston landmark, and it’s included in Trains Over Texas.

Death by Natural Causes

Death by Natural Causes is so popular that the museum extended it to run through Jan. 6. This exhibit has an assortment of animal, mineral, and vegetable dangers that are out and about in the world. These different dangers have led to many a death, and you can learn more when you walk through.

Take the green dress that was made in 1871. How’d the dressmaker get that color of green? With arsenic, of course. Talk about dying for fashion.

That’s just one of the stories you’ll learn when you go through the exhibit. It manages to be fun and creepy at the same time. There isn’t much time left to see it, so head out to the museum as soon as possible.

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Life in Stone

Gerd Dreher is said to be the most talented gemstone carver ever. He carves animals out of a variety of gemstones, and it’s amazing how realistic they are. The attention to detail is unbelievable, and you will find yourself shaking your head in amazement, wondering how he has that much talent.

If you love this exhibit (and you surely will), keep your eye open for the last name “Dreher.” Gemstone carving is a family tradition. Gerd learned the art from his father and then taught his son, Patrick. Maybe Patrick will have his own exhibit soon.

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