Hit Up These Houston Eateries For A True Houston Meal


Forget about the chain restaurants. If you live in Houston, you need a true Houston meal. Maybe that meal will be wings and waffles or a succulent steak. It might be some seafood, or it could be crawfish. Whatever it is, it’s going to be authentically Houston if you order the right dishes from these eateries.

The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub has all kinds of good eats, but if you’re serious about having a true Houston meal, it’s all about the wings and waffles. You’ll get six chicken wings and a soft Belgian waffle if you order this meal. Just keep in mind that people go crazy over the wings and waffles here, and the lines can get long. Bring a book along with you because you might have to wait. Whatever you do, though, don’t get frustrated and leave. As soon as you take your first bite, you’ll realize you made the right choice.

Christie’s Seafood and Steaks

You might have steak on the mind when you go to Christie’s Seafood and Steaks, but go with the fried shrimp and remoulade instead. Christie’s has used the same recipe since 1917. After all, when something is delicious, you don’t change it. The staff makes the remoulade sauce daily, and the restaurant brings in shrimp from the Gulf. While there are lots of tasty dishes at Christie’s, this is considered the number 1 choice.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Still thinking about that steak? Then a trip to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is in order. This is the place to go for the best ribeye in Houston. The steaks are dry-aged in-house, and the staff seasons them to perfection. They are just as tasty with the bone in or bone out, so you can go with your personal preference without being disappointed. Oh, and the portions are so big that you might want to share. Just don’t suggest sharing if you’re going on a first date. You still need to impress your date, so let everyone eat off their own plates. Sharing comes after marriage.

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Crawfish and Noodles

Do you want crawfish or noodles? If you want a true Houston meal, it’s all about the crawfish at Crawfish and Noodles. This isn’t just any crawfish. It’s crawfish with a Vietnamese twist, and it’s the best in Houston. Go with the regular spicy if you want a little kick. It comes highly recommended.

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