Hello, Trees! A Walking Serenade

Hello Trees Exhibit

Do you know that trees talk to each other? Trees actually communicate important messages with other trees, alerting them to pests and finding ways to share resources. You can get a much better idea of how this works by visiting the Hello, Trees! A Walking Serenade exhibit at the Discovery Green Conservatory. The Montreal art collective Daily tous les jours created this interactive exhibit specifically for the conservatory’s live oak allée, and it acts as a metaphor to explain how trees talk to each other.

The exhibit is available from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. through Feb. 25, so stop by before it’s too late. Also, get the scoop on what to expect when you visit.

How It Works

When you enter the conservatory’s live oak canopy, you will see a series of arches and speak stations. You’ll need to go up to one of the stations and say something. You can say anything you want. Then, your words will be transformed into light patterns. The light will travel along the arches, and eventually, it will turn into a musical melody.

Other people will also be using the speak stations as well. When two messages reach each other, you will hear a special sound effect and see a light effect. It’s like a concert of sorts, right there among the trees.

Spend some of your time speaking into the speak stations and the rest of your time walking along the exhibit. Both provide exciting experiences and will give you a great deal of insight into how trees communicate with other trees. You will have a better understanding of how nature works when you leave the exhibit.

How Trees Communicate in Nature

This exhibit is a metaphor for how trees actually communicate. Fungi form communication networks underground. Trees use the networks to communicate with members of its tree family, and it also communicates with other trees as well. People cannot see or hear the communication, so the exhibit makes it easier to understand the process.

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