Don’t Miss The Great Harvest Festival

Great Harvest Festival

It’s not every day that autumn finally rolls around, so when it does, you want to take full advantage of the opportunity to celebrate what it’s all about. That’s why you’re going to have so much fun when you decide to come out to the Great Harvest Festival. This festival takes place in Baytown, Texas, which is close to Houston. It’s full of autumn fun, and you’re going to have a blast going with family members and friends. It will take place on Saturday, Oct. 12, and it will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Therefore, it really is a whole day of summer fun. Catch it in Bicentennial Park in Baytown, and get ready to have a blast. Wondering what you’ll be doing when you go? Here are some of the top attractions.

Carnival Rides

Really, what is a fall festival that doesn’t come with a ton of carnival rides? You’re not going to be missing out at the Great Harvest Festival. Whether you’re looking for an intense ride that is sure to give you a thrill or you’d prefer something a bit more laid-back and relaxed, you disappointed. There are rides for both kids and adults, so everyone can come out to have a fun time.


Ready for even more fun? Be sure to check out all the games. These games are perfect for the little ones, so you’ll want to budget some time to try all of them. Even the adults are going to love getting involved!

Petting Zoo

For those who love animals, the petting zoo is hard to beat. You’re going to get to meet so many cute and loving animals who just want to spend time with humans. Learn more about these incredible creatures and take the time to give them some food. They’re going to love spending time with you as much as you love spending time with them!

Face Painting

Do you remember how much you loved getting your face painted when you were a little one? Now, your kids can discover the same kind of thrill. Hey, even adults can get their faces painted, as well.

Food Trucks

You’re certainly not going to go hungry at this festival. With so many different food trucks there, you’re sure to fill up on the best food around.

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Make sure you bring some cash with you, so you can go shopping while you’re at the Great Harvest Festival. You’re sure to find some really cool stuff there.