Find Your Favorite Food Truck In Houston

Food Truck

Do you ever want to go out to eat, but you just can’t be bothered with finding a nice restaurant and sitting down for a meal? Everyone feels that way from time to time, but it doesn’t mean that you have to whip out the pots and pans and start cooking. Instead, you can just head to a tasty food truck in the Houston area. And since there are so many to choose from, you’re bound to find something that you find delicious. Be sure to check out some of the top options in the area, but don’t stop there! Keep exploring the local food truck scene, and you’re going to stumble onto some gems. Start with the following popular options.

The Waffle Bus

Did you ever think you’d be able to find some of the best waffles in town… on a bus? Didn’t think so, but you’ve probably never been to The Waffle Bus in Fourth Ward. Sure, you can always order a traditional waffle, but you can get a bit more creative with your choices than that. Instead, perhaps you should opt for the waffle fries chicken slides, which is sure to wow you with flavor. And you can’t go wrong with the chicken thunder fries. Really, no matter what you order from this menu, you’re going to be impressed.

Mico’s Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is about as southern you can get, and it’s a classic that almost everyone loves. You can get some of the best hot chicken in town when you come out to Mico’s Hot Chicken right here in Houston. Want to get the signature dish? Then you should order the Sammich. It’s everyone’s favorite for a reason. But there are also other options to choose from, such as the animal fries. And since you adjust the level of hotness to suit your taste buds, you’ll never get anything too spicy (or too mild) for your taste.

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One of the best things about Houston? People come to this city from all over the world, and they bring their food with them. That results in amazing fusion cuisine, just like what you’ll find at Coreanos. This Korean-Mexican fusion food truck is known as one of the best around Houston. You can find it in the Midtown area, and when you see it, you’re definitely going to want to order some of the signature dishes there, such as the OG Burrito. Branch out and try everything on the menu!

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