Family Fun Day at the Houston Zoo

Family Fun Day at the Huston Zoo

Choose the Houston Zoo for your next family outing! With a family friendly atmosphere, excellent staff, and a beautiful facility, your day is guaranteed to be a success! For more details, read below!


If one thing is for certain, when you visit the Houston Zoo, you will not be bored. Choose from over 10 different exhibits filled with everything from jungle cats to reptiles and amphibians. To learn more about each exhibit, click here! Check out each animal and their profile, and some awesome behind the scenes action shots. Also, check for videos of your favorite exhibits to see our animal pals up close!


To purchase your tickets for a fun filled day at the zoo, click here! Become a member, or buy a summer pass today!


The Houston Zoo is proud to sponsor tons of different educational programs throughout the summer and during the year! To learn more about the different education programs offered through the Houston Zoo, click here and choose the “Education” tab. Make sure to check out the how your local school can become a partner in saving endangered wildlife, or read about the Collegiate Conservation Program. At the Houston Zoo, the learning never stops!

Meet Our Animal Friends

Sometimes it impossible to get the whole family together in one place! Do not worry! Check out their animal webcams located under the “Meet the Animals” tab to see some of your favorite animal pals in real life. Seeing everything from elephants going for a swim in the summer heat, to leaf cutter ants building their new home. A webcam is also a great option for younger kids who might not be ready visit their local zoo quite yet! Under each live video, there is a description letting you know when the best time to view the particular animal, and what they like to do during the day!

How You Can Help

There are hundreds of way you can help preserve our wildlife, and keep our environment as clean as possible! Under the “Saving Wildlife” tab, check out all the ways YOU can make a big difference! Make sure to read about the efforts being made to preserve wildlife right here in Texas with the Texas Conservation project.

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