Amp Up Your Game Night with Dodgeball at Urban Air


Do you love a little healthy competition? You spend your evenings playing games with friends, and you love coming out the winner. It’s time to take that competitive spirit to the court. The dodgeball court, that is. Urban Air Adventure Park hosts Trampoline Dodgeball Night at 6 p.m. every Wednesday. It’s just $10 a person, and that’ll give you access to a double elimination tournament.

What’s Trampoline Dodgeball?

Trampoline dodgeball is basically just what you would expect. It’s like a standard game of dodgeball, but instead of standing on the floor, you’ll be bouncing around on a trampoline. You can use some acrobatic moves to dodge the balls. Also, if you time your jumps and throws correctly, you can get some more power behind your throws.

Build Your Team

So, you have two choices for playing in the tournament. You can build your own team, or you can show up as a free agent. Both options are a lot of fun.

If you decide to build a team, you’ll need to gather five to eight people. If your friends aren’t interested, you’ll get to be a free agent. That means you’ll be drafted by another team. Since teams can have up to eight people, it’s easy to find a spot on a team, so don’t be shy about showing up on your own.

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The Format

Never entered a trampoline dodgeball tournament before? You’re probably wondering about the format. You’ll enter into an eight-minute match, and you can play as many games as possible during that time. At the end of the eight minutes, the team with the most wins advances.

What happens if you tie? Then you get to move onto a tie-breaker game. That’s when things get really intense. Expect to see some acrobatic moves on the trampoline when the game is on the line.

Now, what if you lose at the end of the eight minutes? Well, it’s not all lost quite yet. This is a double-elimination tournament, so you still have a chance to come back and win.

This tournament is open to people of all ages, so bring the entire family with you. You should also bring the entire crew to Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, Texas. Let the entire family play a role in picking out your new Toyota. That way, you will get something with features that everyone will love.