Did Video Really Kill the Radio Star?

Death of Radio Houston

Do you remember when having satellite actually meant something? There is an app for any and everything you can think of now. If you need or just want something, then there is probably an app for it. When’s the last time you listened to FM radio besides being stuck in traffic on your way to work? It sounds like there is a change in the wind for FM due to the cost, competition, and lowering popularity. Many new cars come with XM Radio free trials, and people are becoming hooked on the channels and options that come with XM Radio. So while we were told in 1979 by the Buggles that Video Killed the Radio Star, the possibility of Music APP’s and XM Radio killing off FM radio is actually a serious possibility in the near future!

Norway Killed Off FM Radio

Norway has officially become the first country to kill FM radio and fully commit to digital broadcasting. Norway’s government made the decision based off of the major cost it takes to run FM stations versus the cost to operate digital stations. Logically it made more sense to go with digital since of course, they get more channels for the same price.

Old XM Radio Houston

Houston Radio Stations

Houston residents probably don’t have to worry about losing their favorite FM radio stations anytime soon, as Houston, Texas has well over 30 FM stations that make enough revenue from ads alone to keep the stations running. Pay attention to that statement, though, the ad revenue is how many radio stations stay in business, so you want to make sure you actually listen to the commercials and mention the ads if they influenced your purchasing decision. This will help you ensure that your favorite station stays on the air for as long as FM radio manages to hold on to the airways!

Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music are just a few of the many streaming tycoons that have come up and mean business and are giving FM a reason to look over its shoulder. This increased competition for FM radio has definitely put it on the ropes. We were told that Video was going to kill the Radio Star in 1979, and 38 years later we still have tons of radio stars. It is possible that FM radio will continue to stand the test of time against all of the odds and emerging technologies that are up against it!