Beat The Heat At The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

The weather is getting hotter and hotter by the day, and suddenly, you may find yourself wanting to spend less time outside. Sure, it’s nice to get some sun now and then, but you also want to find a way to escape from the heat. Well, if you love the air-conditioning but are tired of staying in your house all day, you’ll love coming out to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. This place has some of the most interest art exhibits in the city, and admission is free. What are you waiting for? Stop by and see some incredible works of art today, and check out some of the most current exhibitions you can see when you visit.

Stonewall 50

Just 50 years ago, police raided the New York City gay bar Stonewall Inn, and the patrons of the bar revolted. That was one of the most iconic movements in the history of gay rights, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is celebrating it with an incredible exhibit inspired by those events called Stonewall 50. These works capture the LGBTQ experience and show how art and solidarity can solidify a movement.


If you know any kids in the area, you probably know that teens in Houston are incredibly gifted. And if you don’t know that yet, you’ll find out when you see the Shapeshifters exhibit. It includes a variety of mediums and plays on the idea of shapeshifting. Some of these works are really incredible, and the work that these teens have done will wow you.

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Art on the Lawn

A lot of times, it can seem like art is only what we would hang on a blank wall with a plaque. While the museum does have plenty of that kind of art, it also has a different kind of art on the lawn. You can look at fountains, sculptures, and a variety of other pieces that really bring the lawn to life. It’s looking at art outside the box. And sure, you may not have the air-conditioning out on the lawn, but you’ll get some sun before you walk back into the museum to see the other exhibits.

From the museum to the library to the pool, there are plenty of places you can go to in Houston when you want to cool off this summer. Just make sure you can get there easily by purchasing a new vehicle from Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, Texas.