Celebrating the 11th Annual Earth Day Houston

Earth Day Houston

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place every April to promote environmental awareness and education, as well as to celebrate our beautiful planet and all that it has to offer. Joining that tradition, for now, more than a decade, Houston is celebrating it’s 11th annual Earth Day Houston celebration with dozens of events and activities to enjoy throughout April and the rest of the year!

A Brief History of Earth Day

Earth Day began as a grassroots movement in the late 1960s, spearheaded by Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson. Senator Nelson first proposed the creation of Earth Day after witnessing the effects of an oil spill that had taken place in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. The first ever Earth Day took place on April 22nd the following year, in 1970.

How Has Earth Day Helped?

Since it’s inception in 1970, Earth Day has been both directly and indirectly involved in many innovative environmental cornerstones. These include the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the implementation of the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, in addition to the Endangered Species Act responsible for the conservation and safeguarding of many of the world’s most beloved and majestic creatures.

Earth Day Houston

Earth Day Today

Beginning as a grassroots movement 47 years ago and becoming a nationally observed holiday, it is clear that Earth Day has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Today Earth Day is the single most widely celebrated secular holiday in the world. In 1990, the holiday went global, and now as many as 200 million people across 141 countries participate in the event.

Earth Day in HoustonEarth Day Houston

Earth Day Houston is proud to be a part of the spirit and history of this day and to celebrate they help organize and list all of the Earth Day events and activities that are being hosted in Houston for you to enjoy. Instead of searching all over the internet to hunt down all that Houston has to offer, Earth Day Houston helps to consolidate all of the information into one place! Here are a few of the events that have already been posted on the Earth Day Houston Website:

Participating in Earth Day is both fun and rewarding, and a great way to find out what you can do to help protect and sustain your own environment. Mike Calvert Toyota is proud to be a part of a community that takes such pride in the environment and in celebrating the wonderful tradition of Earth Day!