Celebrate Independence Day in A Traditional Way

Celebration of freedom

The residents of Texas are gearing up for one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Red, white, and blue decorations can be seen on the houses and businesses throughout Houston. Meanwhile, the final adjustments are being made to the parades and festivities. To guarantee your 4th goes off with a bang, incorporate some of these ideas into your Independence Day celebration.

A Traditional Cook-Out

Who doesn’t love food and everyone have to eat right? Hosting a traditional cook-out is a sure way to bring family and friends together. Have your guests bring a side dish or a dessert. This will give your patrons a variety of choices and will help alleviate some work.

The choice of meat doesn’t have to be expensive. Adults and kids alike enjoy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Prepare easy side dishes the day before such as baked beans, macaroni salad, and deviled eggs which can be refrigerated. Also, think of a desert to tie together the July 4th theme. Strawberry (red) and blueberry (blue) Jell-O separated by cool whip or maybe a white cake with a cool whip topping and blueberries on the top left corner with strawberries laying across the top (resembling the American Flag) are quick and easy suggestions.

Games Aren’t Just for Kids

After you have eaten and conversed with longtime friends, it’s time to get the activities started. Outdoor games are a great way for adults and children to interact. A favorite game played in most Houston communities is corn-hole. This popular Texas game involves throwing a bean bag into a hole on wooden platforms. You can play this game with multiple players and can divide into teams. Another old, but familiar game to play is Croquette. This involves hitting a ball, with a mallet type instrument, underneath metal stakes. Badminton, volleyball, and tennis are active games that are played with multiple people. If you do not have a net, don’t worry, you can improvise using trees, rocks or even pop cans.

Time for Fireworks

Hopefully, you have your folding chairs or blankets in the car because starting at 6:00 pm., the event “Celebration of Freedom” will be beginning. There will be seats in the stadium or you can cop a squat in the field. Enjoy the VFW giving a salute to the military and performing the national anthem. Finally, you can sing-a-long or listen to their featured band before being dazzled by a spectacular firework display.

Hopefully, you are able to use these simple ideas or generate a few new ones for your Texas-style event. Make your 2017 celebration of freedom the gossip amongst your Houston neighborhood, while making memories to last a lifetime. Also, while in the area make sure you check out Mike Calvert Toyota!