Biggest Bounce House in the World Comes to Houston

Biggest Bounce House in the World

Picture 10,000 square feet of bounce house fun. Can something like that really be possible? It isn’t just possible. It’s a reality, and it’s coming to Houston. The Biggest Bounce House in the World will be at the Houston Sports Park on October 27–29. This insane bounce house has various zones, ranging from an inflatable forest to giant ball pits.

Your kids will have a blast, so get your tickets today. Then, prepare for the event by looking at some bounce house safety tips.

Check Your Child’s Pockets

You never know what your child might grab throughout the day. He or she might throw a pen into a pocket and not think anything of it or might even grab a pair of scissors. Check your child’s pockets before he or she enters the bounce house so your child won’t fall and get hurt. A quick check makes a huge difference when keeping your child safe.

Follow the Rules

Every bounce house operator has its own set of rules. You need to talk to the staff when you go to the Biggest Bounce House in the World to find out what rules they want their guests to adhere to while bouncing around and having fun. Make sure your child understands the rules before he or she goes in. That way, your child will follow the house’s best practices. That will go a long way in keeping your kiddo safe.

Keep an Eye on Your Child

You need to be your child’s eyes and ears when he or she is inside of the bounce house. Kids get so caught up in the fun they’re having that they don’t notice when a bigger child bounces too close to them. That’s how accidents happen, so supervise your child the entire time.

No Rough Play

It’s easy to get a little hyper inside of a bounce house, but that’s a big mistake. Make sure your child doesn’t engage in rough play inside of the bounce house. That’s how kids end up slamming into each other and hurting themselves. They need to stay as calm as possible when inside of the house. They’ll still have fun. In fact, they’ll have more fun since they won’t get hurt.

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