Go And See Disney’s Beauty And The Beast At Theatre Under The Stars

Beauty and the Beast

It’s a tale as old as time, and it’s coming to Houston. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be at the Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) Dec. 8 to 23. Tickets start at $30, and they are going so quickly that TUTS added three additional performances. Pick your tickets up today, and get ready to be whisked away with Belle, the Beast, and the rest of the cast.

While you wait for showtime, check out some interesting facts about this show.

There’s a Reason Belle Is More Mature

Have you noticed that Belle is more mature than other Disney princesses? There’s a reason for that. She is the only Disney princess in her 20s. The other princesses are in their teens, so that is why she seems so much more mature.

She Was Created to Be Independent

Belle was created to be a woman of the ‘90s. Cinderella, Snow White, and the other princesses that came before Belle were products of their generations, but Belle has an independent streak that people love. Even though she’s a woman of the ‘90s, the movie’s screenwriter took inspiration from someone from a long time ago. Jo from “Little Women” helped inspire the character of Belle.

It Almost Wasn’t a Musical

Can you imagine Disney’s Beauty and the Beast without songs like “Be Our Guest”? It’s hard to picture, but that’s almost what happened. In the ‘80s, Walt Disney tried to turn it into a non-musical film, but it was too dark. The company eventually changed directions and turned it into a musical. The musical was much lighter and more appealing to young audiences.

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Angela Lansbury Recorded “Beauty and the Beast” in a Single Take

You’ve likely heard how long it can take people to record songs. They have to perform take after take until they eventually get it right.

That’s what’s so surprising about this fact. Angela Lansbury only needed a single take to record “Beauty and the Beast.” According to Lansbury, she had to fly to New York to record the song, and the plane she was on had to undergo an emergency landing. She barely made it to the studio in time, and she was a little amped up. That might be why she was able to nail it in a single take.

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