The Bayou City Art Festival is Coming to Houston

Bayou City Art Festival

The Bayou City Art Festival is a great time to come out and meet other art lovers in your area. Enjoy works from all over from artists who truly care about their work and want to share it with you. Come out and meet them all and support their cause by encouraging them to keep creating art for the world. Bring your family and friends and make a weekend of it on March 24-26!

High School Students

This year at the festival they are inviting high school students to submit art pieces for the Emerging Artist Program 2017. Students can submit their work and selected pieces will be displayed for all to see! Submit your work, and find out if you’ve got what it takes for it to be put on display.

Emerging Artists

This program provides student artists with an exceptional opportunity to show off their work in a professional venue. It is a great opportunity to give them experience and show what it is like to be a professional artist and what all that entails.

Volunteer at the Festival

If you want to help out, but don’t have what it takes to put art on display then you can always come out and volunteer for the program. Every year volunteers are needed to make the event happen. There are plenty of roles for you to fill that will give you something to do within the realm of things you enjoy. When you volunteer you get a step into the community at the festival, free admission to see all of the art, a free volunteer t-shirt, snacks and drinks at volunteer headquarters, and love and admiration of all the staff, artists and patrons.

Don’t Miss Out On The Bayou City Art Festival

Come out and enjoy this event and all the art that will be on display. On your way, there be sure to stop by Mike Calvert Toyota for all your vehicle needs and concerns.