Spend The Day At The Houston Downtown Aquarium

Houston Downtown Aquarium
You don’t have to travel the world to see different sea life. You can see an assortment of sea life from around the world right here in Houston. Just visit the Downtown Aquarium and experience and an underwater adventure like no other. You might have been to aquariums in the past,... [read more]

Don’t Miss The Biggest Sandcastle Competition In Texas

You’ve probably built a sandcastle or two in your life, but have you ever built a sand sculpture? You might not know how to build them, but you can watch the action at the AIA SandCastle Competition at East Beach in Galveston. The event is on Aug. 25, and while... [read more]

Bring Your Appetite To The 2018 Houston Food Fest

Food Fest
With a tagline that includes the words “party, eat, repeat,” you know the 2018 Houston Food Fest is going to be a blast. There will be over 70 food vendors in attendance, along with live music and activities. If you love food and fun, get your tickets today. Early bird... [read more]

Cool Off With Some Shaved Ice

Snow Cone
If you’ve been in Texas during the summertime, you know that it gets hot. We’re not referring to a slight humidity. We’re talking about the ice-cream-melts-before-you-can-eat-it hot weather. When it comes to cooling down, there are obvious choices such as swimming pools and beaches. However, if you’re searching for a... [read more]

Get Ready For Greek Picnic Weekend

Outdoor Live Music
Summer is here and we all know what that means – warm weather and outside activities. When you get tired of playing sports, dining out, or the crazy nightlife that Houston has to offer, it’s time for you to experience something a little different. We suggest attending the Greek Picnic... [read more]