What Makes a Pre-Owned Vehicle Certified?

certified pre-owned Toyota Houston
The term certified often gets tossed around when discussing pre-owned vehicles, and the standards for this certification can vary greatly. In all cases, however, certification requires an inspection of some sort, and in the case of certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles, this test is especially rigorous, meaning that only vehicles in...[read more]

What Fluids Do You Need to Check in Your Toyota and How Often?

Check Fluids Toyota Houston
Most Houston drivers know how to check the engine oil and possibly one or two other fluids. However, you may not realize just how many fluids your Toyota relies on to keep running. Each of these fluids needs to be checked regularly, including those in closed systems. Most of the...[read more]

How to Check the Distributor Cap and Rotor

Toyota Distributor Cap and Rotor Houston
The distributor cap and rotor are two important parts of your vehicle’s engine – they are responsible for passing power from the ignition coils to your vehicle’s engine cylinders. In doing so, the fuel-air mixture inside the engine is ignited to provide power. To make sure that your vehicle is...[read more]

Understanding Immobilizer Keys

Toyota engine immobilizer system Houston
One of the most innovative security systems in place within Toyota models is the engine immobilizer system. This system offers top-of-the-line antitheft protection simply by using your key. The engine immobilizer system is not difficult to understand, but it does play a key role in protecting your vehicle. What Is an...[read more]

Summer-ize Your 2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 toyota yaris
Is your 2015 Toyota Yaris ready for summer? Check out these tips & tricks to ensure your safety in the summer months. Also, check out our Pre-Trip inspection option in the service department![read more]